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2 years ago

Changes in business

Changes in business

Changes in business


Why do so many people work so hard to make little to nothing in commissions?  Changes can happen in your business.


You hustles and bustles several hours in the day only to make a few sales, which earns you a whopping commission of $25.00 per sale.


Let’s calculate and see what the total will be. You are an average marketer with a subscriber list of about 10K.  You do an e-blast to those subscribers continuously for the month (we know not everyone opens their mail; however, they see your emails often and decide to open it). You sell a $100 product to about 10% of your list.  That’s 100 buyers X $25.00 (you get 25% commission off each product you sale) that’s what?  $2500 commission you earned that month.


Remember you’re an average marketer with decent size list who just made $2500 for the month; now,  guess what?  The chances of selling to those 10% are very slim the next month.


With all that hard work, would $2500 a month get you out of your current situation? Maybe you want to travel the world, quit your job, volunteer your time, speak on stage, buy a new house, a new boat, whatever your dream is……would $2500 and the labor you put in to it make your dream come true?